Judy Scherf, CRP, Recycling Coordinator
c/o Dept. of Neighborhood Services
18 Fostertown Road
609-654-6791 ext 322 

Click HERE for Medford's Recycling Ordinance  (scroll down for more info below the app)

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Due to severe staffing shortages at the County level, recycling collection continues to be delayed.  This delay will likely last through July.  The latest update received from the County indicates that the next recycling collection will take place late in the week of June 14th.  In an effort to assist residents with disposal of recyclables, the Township has extended the hours of the DPW yard for recycling drop-off. 

In addition to regular yard hours, the DPW yard will be open late on Tuesday and Thursday, starting on Tuesday, June 15th.  The yard will remain open until 6 pm for Medford Township residents to dispose of RECYCLING ONLY, i.e., cardboard, paper, glass, and aluminum.  No other items will be accepted between 2 pm and 6 pm.  Residents will be required to show proof of residency and will be required to remove recyclables from any plastic bags used to transport recyclables. 

These extended hours will remain in effect until further notice.  Residents are encouraged to download the RecycleCoach app on their smartphone for the latest updates on recycling collections.  Residents with questions about yard hours may call the Department of Neighborhood Services at 609-654-6791.

Residents with questions about recycling should call the County Recycling Hotline at 609-267-6889 or visit the County Recycling website at .  Updates are posted on the website daily.

We appreciate your patience as the County works through this difficult time.



OTC continues to experience severe staff shortages and will be unable to service our residents until sometime during the week of June 14th.  There are steps being taken to get us back on track, but it will be at least July before things significantly improve.  At this time, residents should disregard the every other week collection schedule and only place their recycling carts at the street when a collection date is announced. 

For up-to-date information, residents should consult the county website at or download the RecycleCoach app to your smartphone.  Residents can also contact the recycling hotline at 609-267-6889 for updates.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


The Burlington County Recycling Coordinator has notified the Township that recycling collection delays will likely last through mid-July.  The every other week collection schedule will not be adhered to until additional staffing can be secured.  The County will notify us when recyclables will likely be collected and updates will be distributed through Nixle and Facebook, as well as posting updates on our website.  We encourage residents to download the Recycle Coach app on your smart phone to receive updates on recycling collection.

Residents are still welcome to bring their recycling overflow to the DPW yard located at 2 Commonwealth Drive during regular business hours.  Our yard hours are listed on our website at under the Neighborhood Services page.  Residents with questions about recycling should call the Recycling Hotline at 609-267-6889.  As recycling collection services are provided through Burlington County, Medford Township has no control over the services they provide.  We appreciate your patience as they work through this issue.

Burlington County is responsible for the bi-weekly residential pick-up of basic recyclables. The County has implemented its single stream recycling program. If you need more information please email or call the County Recycling Hotline at (609) 267-6889 or the Recycling Office at (609) 499-1001 weekdays between 9 am and 5pm.  

Click HERE for a County produced video of how their single stream recycling program works.   

Please "Recycle Smart"-- Do Not Put The Following Items In Your Recycling Cart
NO hoses, cords, hangers, etc.
NO hardback books, food soiled, or frozen food boxes
NO wax coated cardboard
NO foil items
NO bulbs, glassware, or window glass
NO motor oil, pesticide bottles, or propane tanks
NO batteries
NO plastic wrap/sleeves/air pillows
NO plant pots, trays, or bulky plastics
NO pill bottles or needles
NO lids/cups/straws
NO shredded paper

Click HERE for a downloadable version of the County's informational flyer with details on what can and cannot be recycled and other collection details, and the Collection Calendar for 2020-21. 

The 2021 confirmed dates are as follows: 

March 2nd, 16th and 30th 
April 13th and 27th  
May 11th and 25th
June 8th and 22nd
July 6th and 20th 
August 3rd, 17th and 31st
September 14th and 28th 
October 12th and 26th
November 9th and 23rd 
December 7th and 21st  

If you need an additional or larger cart, please contact our Recycling Coordinator.  (see above)  Before ordering, please check the size of your current cart.  The first 2 numbers of the cart’s serial number, found on the front of the cart, indicate its size.  Residents may keep the old blue recycling containers, but please note they will no longer be emptied.  If you do not want your old container(s) they may be returned to the Township Garage on Commonwealth Drive @ Gravelly Hollow Road weekdays between 7 am and 2 pm, or on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 8 am until 1pm. 

The Township Garage, located behind Bob Meyer Park on Commonwealth Drive (off Gravelly Hollow Road), is open every weekday (except holidays) from 7:00 am - 2:00 pm to accept ALL recyclables. This includes not only paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans, but also TVs and computer components, leaves and brush. Recycling can also be dropped off the 3rd Saturday of every month from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. 

Click HERE for a PDF File for a Reduce-ReUse-Recycle flyer

The State of New Jersey's Clean Energy Program offers free pick-up plus rebate$ for recycling certain appliances such as refrigerators.  Check their website for more details. (

Why recycle?
Recycling saves money!!! Taxpayers save money on disposal costs, as materials that are recycled are not taken to the County landfill, where Medford pays over $80 per ton to dispose of them. If Medford increases its recycling rate by 10%, this equates to a savings of 1 cent of our tax rate!   Since Recycling reduces garbage, it will also extend the life of the Burlington County landfill, which is paid for with your County tax dollars. 

Also, Medford Township receives two State grants for its Recycling efforts, a Clean Communities Grant and a Recycling Tonnage Grant.  These funds supplement your Tax Dollars and allows us to continue and enhance our Recycling efforts. 

Just as important, Recycling conserves natural and nonrenewable resources. Nature's supply of natural (raw) material for people to use is limited. Recycling saves energy. Making products from recycled materials uses less energy than from raw materials. 


Click HERE for a Poster prepared by local Girl Scouts about Littering and HERE for their poster for Respecting our Parks 

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

For information on the safe disposal of medically prescribed needles, please click HERE.

Nonpoint source pollution threatens lakes, rivers, streams, bays and the ocean ... Nonpoint source pollution is the contamination of our waterways as a result of everyday activities such as:

  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Pesticide Application
  • Walking Pets
  • Changing Motor Oil
  • Littering
  • Flushing Prescription & Other Drugs 

Rain washes pollutants from streets and lawns into storm drains that flow into waterways and oceans. The collective impact of nonpoint source pollution threatens:

  • Drinking Water Resources
  • Aquatic And Marine Life
  • Recreational Water Activities
  • The Fishing Industry
  • Tourism

How to prevent nonpoint source pollution...

  • Litter - Place litter, including cigarette butts and fast food containers, in trash receptacles. Never throw litter on streets or down storm drains.
  • Carry In, Carry Out - To reduce litter and disposal costs, state parks have adopted a carry in, carry out policy. This requires visitors to do their part and take home any trash generated. MEDFORD TOWNSHIP HAS A MODIFIED CARRY IN, CARRY OUT POLICY IN ITS PARKS--ALL RECYCLABLES MUST BE TAKEN FROM THE PARKS BY USERS AND PROPERLY DISPOSED OF OFF-PREMISES.   
  • Fertilizers - Over application of fertilizers causes chemical run off into storm drains eventually ending up in bodies of water. Fertilizers contain nitrates and phosphates that, in abundance, cause blooms of algae that can lead to fish kills. Avoid excessive application of fertilizers and application before a rainfall.
  • Pesticides - many household products made to exterminate pests are also toxic to humans, animals, aquatic life and plants. Follow directions carefully, do not overuse pesticides, and use natural alternatives whenever possible.
  • Household Hazardous Products - Many common household products (such as paint thinners, moth balls, drain and oven cleaners) contain toxic ingredients. When improperly used or discarded, these products are a threat to public health and the environment.DO NOT POUR hazardous products down any drain or toilet. County residents should dispose of hazardous household products at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Call 499-5200 for information or appointment. Use natural or less toxic alternatives whenever possible.
  • Used Motor Oil - Used motor oil contains toxic chemicals that are harmful to animals, humans, and fish. Do not pour used motor oil down storm drains or onto the ground. Recycle all used motor oil by taking it to a service station or local recycling drop-off.
  • Car Washing - Like fertilizers, many car detergents contain phosphates. Read the ingredients and use non-phosphate detergents.
  • Pet Waste - Animal wastes contain bacteria and viruses that may run off into bodies of water causing contamination.
  • Septic Systems - An improperly working septic system can contaminate ground water and create public health problems. Avoid adding unnecessary grease and solids to your septic system. Inspect your septic tank annually, and pump it out at last every three to five years.
  • Unwanted Medications -  Unwanted medications (no needles) can be disposed of, free of charge, at the Public Safety Building (91 Union Street) RX Drop Box located in the lobby.
    Other Burlington County RX Drop Box locations include:
    -Evesham Township Police Department, 984 Tuckerton Road
    -Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, 87th Security Forces Headquarters
    -Medford Lakes Police Department, 1 Cabin Circle Drive
    -Mount Laurel Police Department, 100 Mount Laurel Road (Monday-Friday, 8am – 10pm), weekends and holidays (9am – 6pm)
    -Moorestown Police Department, 1245 N Church Street Suite 2
    -State Police Barracks, Red Lion, 1722 Route 206

State Recycling Goal - 60%

The State of New Jersey set a goal of recycling 60% of its total waste stream. To maintain this goal it is necessary to recycle the mandated "traditional" source separated materials and work to expand the recycling of "non-traditional" materials.

Who Should Recycle?

  • Residents- homeowners and tenants, including occupants of multi-family housing units, are required to recycle cardboard, newspaper, mixed paper, aluminum and steel cans, glass food and beverage containers, and plastic #1 and #2 bottles.
  • Landlords- Owners of multi-family units and condominium associations are required to set up a recycling program for their tenants and members. Convenient storage areas with clearly labeled recycling containers should be provided. If your landlord does not provide you with the above, contact the Neighborhood Services Department at 609-654-6791 x322.
  • Businesses- All owners, lessees or occupants of all public and private businesses, commercial and/or industrial establishments including, but not limited to, manufacturing, retailing and/or service establishment, professional services, profit and/or non-profit corporate entities are required to recycle high grade paper and corrugated cardboard. Food establishments must also recycle food and beverage glass and cans.
  • Institutions- Owners, lessees and occupants of all municipal and state government facilities, all religious, educational and health care facilitates, all public and/or private civic organizations, and all non-profit or for profit organizations are required to separate corrugated cardboard and high grade paper, food and beverage glass and cans.


  • Municipal Center Address: 49 Union Street, Medford, NJ 08055-2432
  • Phone: (609) 654-2608
  • Fax: (609) 953-4087
  • Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30pm