Assessment Maintenance Program Update/Facts

· The program is designed to avoid costly Revaluations.

· Assessments will remain at 2012 levels (last year of revaluation) until all properties are visited and data analyzed.

· It is anticipated the property visits will take another 2-3 years to complete.

· Visits were suspended during COVID and reconvened in March 2022.

· Township personnel from the Assessor’s office conduct the property visits.

· Township personnel wear photo identification.  Photos of personnel are also on the Medford Township website on the Assessor’s page.

· Medford Township Police are aware of the areas personnel are working.

· Residential property owners are noticed by postcard ahead of property visits.

· Commercial property owners are noticed by letter ahead of property visits.

· Door hangers with further instruction are left on or near front door when property owner is not available during the initial visit.

· An online appointment system is available @

· Photographs are taken of the exterior front, rear and outbuildings only (no interior photos).

· Adjustment of assessed value to market value will be accomplished after all properties are visited and data analyzed (anticipate 2-3 years from now).

· After the first-year adjustment to market levels, adjustments will be made annually to market levels.

· Regulations require properties be visited once every 5 years to cross-check/update data.

· The program is designed to maintain uniformity and equal assessment levels.

The Township of Medford’s Assessor’s Office commenced the data collection phase of an assessment maintenance program. All properties in the community will be visited by the Assessor’s office during this phase. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the inspection process. As of March 1, 2022 our office will notice the areas we will commence inspections. 

  After data is collected and updated, the Assessor’s Office will have the option to adjust assessed values annually reflecting current market conditions.  Global assessment adjustments will not occur until a State mandated requisite number of property visits are completed.  Notice will be provided ahead of any global assessment changes.  It is estimated to take approximately 2-3 years for this first phase to be completed.

 Monmouth County, Somerset County and other communities around the state have implemented similar programs and have documented positive results regarding uniformity of assessments and fiscal responsibility/stability. (***Please click the links below to view the Moody’s December 2017 report, The Somerset County Experience and the Monmouth County 2017 update).

 The purpose/benefits of the program are as follows:

  • Maintain assessments to reflect current market conditions.
  • Minimize the fractionalization of assessments that occur from successful appeals and the rate of change in up or down-market conditions among our varied residential and commercial neighborhoods.
  • Avoid costly revaluations which generally occur in 10-year cycles.
  • Property visits and valuation will be conducted by the Township’s Assessor’s office.
  • Properties will be visited once every 5 years to maintain current data on file which maintains uniformity and equanimity.
  • Maintaining accurate assessments will ensure the annual target of uniform and accurate levy distribution. In essence, property owners will pay an equitable proportionate share of taxes.
  • Allows for the mitigation of the exposure for filed cases at the State Tax Court.
  • Stabilizes tax rates.

 Note, not all values need to change annually, the system enables the Assessor to recognize and respond to changes in the marketplace.

The first phase of the program includes a visit to each property in the community.  Information regarding property visits are as follows:

  • The Assessor’s office staff wear identification badges.
  • Areas where staff are working will be posted on the Medford Township website.  
  • The Medford Township Police will be notified as to the neighborhoods staff are working.
  • Office staff will not enter a property without an adult present.
  • During the initial visit staff will attempt to confirm measurements and take photographs of the exterior. If you are not home, a notice will be left to contact the Assessor’s office to arrange for a mutually convenient time to view the interior. The visit in total will take 10 to 15 minutes to confirm details of the property on record.
  • Typical interior data collected will be confirmation of living space, conditions of kitchens/baths and other finished areas (basements/porches/garages).Any deficiencies on record will be corrected to ensure accuracy and uniformity of assessments.
  • After an initial visit, properties will be visited once every 5 years.

 We look forward to your anticipated cooperation.

                                                          The Assessor’s Office


Moody's Report

Monmouth County 2017 Update

The Somerset County Experience










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